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The Proper Way To Prop Open Doors!'

Featuring The Propper Door Stopper, the best tool for keeping heavy commercial doors propped open.  With its unique and patented fold-up design, the Propper Door Stopper is lightweight yet strong and durable.  A Propper Door Stopper hangs over the inside of a hinge keeping a door open to approximately 80 degrees. And with the embedded magnets, you’ll be able to keep your Propper magnetized on a steel door or steel door frame where it will always be ready for use!  Simply open the door, open your Propper Door Stopper, and hang the hook over the inside of a hinge.  No need to bend over, just hang your Propper Door Stopper over any hinge you prefer.  When you no longer need the door propped open, pull your Propper Door Stopper up off the hinge, fold it up, and magnetize it to the steel door or door frame.  It is that simple!

We also have The Mini Propper!  This tool is a must have for all your residential door propping needs.  The Mini Propper is super lightweight but also durable and strong.  With its smaller size, it's the perfect tool to use for everyday needs such as bringing in groceries or carrying tools into your house.  The Mini Propper also has an embedded magnet allowing you to keep it magnetized on the fire rated steel door between your garage and your house.  The Mini Propper is great for keeping doors open for cross ventilation.  Fresh air in the house is awesome! Slamming doors is not… 

 Use The Mini Propper for all your residential door propping needs.

Remember, all fire rated doors must be kept shut.  These tools are for temporary use only on fire rated doors.  Use your Propper Door Stopper tools for the job at hand, then allow the fire rated door to shut when finished. 🙂