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FatIvan Fold-Up Door Stopper 2 pack

FatIvan Fold-Up Door Stopper 2 pack

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2pack of FatIvan Fold-Up Door Stoppers.  The ORIGINAL tool invented for the Fire Service.  This is the same tool as the Propper Door Stopper.  The only difference being the name.  (Marketing folks...)  This tool was made by a firefighter for firefighters who were constantly battling doors closing on them.  Imagine dragging a hoseline through a door and having that door close on your advancing hoseline.  This would pinch the hose and keep the firefighters from being able to reach the seat of the fire. BIG PROBLEM!  FatIvan tools hang over the hinge guaranteeing the door won't close. GREAT SOLUTION!  Simple, yet super effective, FatIvan tools are the perfect tool for all Emergency Services.  Used by SWAT and our nation's military.  You can count on FatIvan tools to get the job done.   Order $50 or more of FatIvan tools from this website, receive FREE shipping!!

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